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lidí, kteří jdou

Agile is the new way of working which emphasizes people over process. The shift to agile ways of working is driven by several inevitable circumstances like technology, complex business environment or multi-generational workforce.

Becoming agile is an intentional development of competence, capacity and confidence with the emphasis on continuous learning and improvement, adaptability, innovation and responsiveness to change which leads to sustainable success and performance.

We help organizations adjust their organizational structure, dynamics and culture and educate their leaders, teams, HR professionals and employees about the agility and agile ways of working – what it entails, why is it important, what skills and capabilities are needed and how can leaders, teams, and organizations benefit from it. 


Usmívající se profesionálně vypadající ž

Organizations must have the capacity to use their resources creatively and effectively at the moment of notice to be able to respond to the unexpected and unplanned. Agility is transforming the way how organizations hire, develop and manage their people.

To help support HR teams and professionals in your organization we offer:

  • Virtual program that focuses on agile mindset and culture, learning agility, agile organizations and future of work

  • 2-day course for individuals and teams to help them understand agile basics and show them how to support and develop your leaders and teams to become agile 

  • Creative & Innovative 2-day course for leaders and employees to learn how to improvise, act quickly, experiment, create, adapt, transform, change and innovate



Leaders' role is dramatically changing as they must learn quickly from new experience, apply knowledge in a fresh concept, adapt, innovate, collaborate, improvise, interact and respond to new challenges faster than ever before.

To help leaders become agile we offer:

  • Virtual program that is built around 4 modules and 8 capabilities identified as critical for leading in a complex business environment 

  • 2-day course for individuals and companies to start building agile leadership capabilities in order to support their agile teams and help create agile business and organizations

  • Creative & Innovative You 2-day course for leaders to learn how to improvise, experiment, adapt, change, act quickly, create, innovate, think differently and transform


Team Talk

Agile Teams become the center-point for making the changes happen, which requires new skills, working habits and strategies. Also, the role of a leader is changing under the agile ways of working it is about getting the right balance between control and autonomy.

To help support and develop your agile teams we provide:

  • Agile Coaching

  • Team Coaching to help your newly created teams build their agile working habits and set up effective strategies

  • Coaching for leaders of agile teams to become conscious and servant leader in order to support their teams effectively

  • 2-day course about agile basics and changes in roles and approach

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