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There is no fits-to-all HR solution – all depends on which phase is your company at, how many employees it has, how far and how fast it plans to grow, what problems you are facing, what skills and competence you have and need, how is your company positioned on the market, and how it wants to be perceived and valued, both internally and externally.

One of the solutions can be to hire Strategic HR partner who can advise you as you go or you can temporarily hire an Interim HR Manager who will become part of your company for a while to not only help you map your situation and set priorities, but the manager will help you design and create proper solutions and tools  based on your needs, given situation and future aspirations.


We consult, design, develop, facilitate and provide solutions to organizations, teams and individuals in the following areas:

  • Map your current situation and recommend priorities and areas where to focus on and how to best handle them step by step

  • Advisory, coaching and HR mentoring for business owners, founders and managers on how to best approach and act in different HR areas and situations

  • Adjust their organizational structure, dynamics and culture and educate their leaders, teams, HR professionals and employees about the agility and agile ways of working 

  • Design and develop HR processes, policies, tools and solutions for talent acquisiton, onboarding and adaptation, employee training and development, performance management, remuneration and benefits, employee management, relations, retention and satisfaction

  • Provide managers and teams support to increase the level of collaboration and employee engagement and cooperation, including training for managers and teams

  • Active involvement in creating company culture, employer branding, including internal and external communication design and set up

  • Create new HR team, or train and support your current HR team

For more details explore our website or feel free to contact us

if we can be of any help or assistance.

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