Autumn 2020 | Virtual Sessions

Agile HR Virtual Program

This program is about Agility in HR – how to apply it, how to benefit from it, and how to help support your organization on the way to agile ways of working. Join this 2-month virtual program to learn and share with other HR professionals from different countries and industries.
Agile HR Virtual Program

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Autumn 2020
Virtual Sessions

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This 2-month virtual program is focused on gaining practical experience and knowledge about Agile HR – it includes theoretical part to learn about agility, sharing and learning from other HR, Talent and Learning professionals in the program, and practical application of learning into your daily world through project. You will be leaving the program with clear vision and plan on how to transform your HR area/team or function to become agile and how to support your organization on the way to agile ways of working and being.  

Modules will run every 2 weeks for 2 – 2.5 hours and starting time will be planned to accommodate different time zones of participants from Europe, Asia and US. To limit clashes, the exact dates and time will be confirmed with participants after the registration, but the initial suggested dates will be announced.

Between the modules you will learn through materials self-study, online training, and coaching. As part of the program you are also supposed to create and build own project for your HR team, function or organization. Finally, we will build on the knowledge and expertise of the group to share, support and help each other succeed and prepare for the agile ways of working, in order you are fully equipped and ready to support your leadership, teams and organization. 

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