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Digital HR

People analytics is part of a broader shift toward data-driven business that is transforming how organizations understand and address nearly every challenge they face.

For some time, most of us in HR have understood that people analytics is transforming the way our work is being done now and driving the next wave of innovation. Data-driven insights will help us reimagine the stubborn business problems we’ve been turning over for years, even decades.

But understanding this idea and actually putting it into practice are two very different things. To move from theory to practice, we first have to understand what data does. How does it help us in HR? What kinds of problems can it help us solve? What kinds of decision-making does it enable? Let's explore it together.

Online Programs & Courses

  • Digital HR Transformation - soon

Webinars & Recordings

  • People Data Storytelling - soon

  • Digital HR transformation - soon

Articles & Resources

  • The HR Digital Imperative

  • How can technology help us move HR further?

  • How will technology free us up to do more strategic work that only humans can do?

  • In what ways should HR technologies help our work?

  • In what ways should HR technologies help our employees?

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